Who Has The Best Beignets in New Orleans?!

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📸: @sprphotography

New Orleans is known for many things from their jazz music, Bourbon Street, creole cuisine, to outrageous festivals like Mardi Gras. We love to plan trips especially visiting somewhere new for the first time! One of our favorite things to do is plan out our trip and find the best places to go, and the best way to do that is to definitely ask the locals, especially your Uber drivers!

One thing that we knew we had to try coming to Nola was the beignets! There are so many places to get beignets in New Orleans but we had to try the top 2, Cafe Du Monde and Cafe Beignet, and compare them for ourselves! 😋

The best way we can describe a beignet is a mini, square, french doughnut without a hole, and is covered with a thick layer of powdered sugar on top!😍 The powdered sugar can get messy but gives the perfect amount of sweetness!

📸: @sprphotography

Our first stop of our trip was Café Du Monde.

📍 800 Decatur St, New Orleans, LA 70116


Cafe Du Monde, the “Original French Market Coffee Stand”, is an iconic landmark of New Orleans. Best known for their cafe au lait (iced coffee) and of course their beignets! We must have went at a good time (somehow we always get lucky) because we were able to walk right in and grab a seat! We have to mention this because from what we’ve heard there is usually a huge line that wraps around the cafe! This “coffee stand” is now a huge covered patio with indoor seating. But the decor and their staff still carries the original vibes. They have servers that are wearing vintage paper hats (we grabbed some for ourselves too, lol) that come around to take your order! An order of beignets comes in 3 at Cafe Du Monde and the price (as of 2018) is just $2.73! And their refreshing Ice Cafe Au Lait is $4.10. Once we found our seats on the patio, a server came around quick to get our order and we didn’t have to wait long at all before we had our first taste of beignets!

📸: @sprphotography

🌟 Couple of things to know before you go:

– They’re open 24 hours

– It’s always busy, so be prepared to wait in line

– And it’s cash only!

📸: @sprphotography


The next day, we made our way over to Café Beignet.

📍334 Royal St, New Orleans, LA 70130

Our Uber driver told us “That Cafe Beignet was a BEAST” and that we had to go, so we obviously had to try them out for ourselves! There are several locations in New Orleans but we stopped by to their cute restaurant on Royal Street.


There was a short line to order beignets, and they have first come, first serve seating that you would find at any coffee shop. To best compare we had the same order, iced coffee and and an order of 3 beignets. The first difference we noticed was the decor of the Royal Street location. It was absolutely charming! Some tables had a vintage tile pattern and their white metal chairs had hearts on the backs. The ceiling was covered in a palm tree patterned wallpaper and they had a lot of shelves with coffee beans, photos, and candy. The day we went they had a musician playing the sweetest tune of his guitar. It was beautiful! 🎶

📸: @sprphotography

Now back to the food! The iced coffee is no joke, one of the best we’ve ever had!! ☕️🙌🏼 We aren’t sure where the beans are from but they got us feeling energized after a long day of walking the streets in the French Quarter. And the beignets are one word: FRESH! When we picked up our order, the beignets (an order comes with 3) were hot! And they were so so good! They have the slightest crisp to them on the outside and are more doughy on the inside compared to Cafe du Monde. Their beignets were more soft and light.

Nothing beats hot and fresh, so our winner goes to Cafe Beignet for their yummy beignets and their amazing iced coffee! We even had to go back to get more coffee because it was THAT GOOD! We’re so happy we didn’t overlook them after going to Cafe Du Monde!

Beignet…. done that!😉

Even though we have a winner, we definitely recommend going to both! (If you can get a table!) We know you want to try these beignets after reading this post! 😋

Check out our YouTube video trying beignets for the first time! 👇🏼



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