Going BANANAS for Brennan’s Bananas Foster!

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Brennan’s Restaurant

📍417 Royal St, New Orleans, LA 70130

One thing we absolutely love is exploring new places and experiences, especially food!

During our first evening in New Orleans we decided to go to to Brennan’s Restaurant, which has been around since 1946! They are known for their modern Creole Cuisine and their flambéed banana fosters, which they’ve created! 🍌🍨


Depending on the day, it can be pretty tough to get a reservation at Brennan’s! We came around happy hour and we were able to have a couple cocktails on their outdoor patio while we waited for a table. Their menu has a lot of options that we have never even tried before such as their Seafood gumbo, Louisiana Frog Legs and Poulet Rouge, which is their Chicken Breast with a Blueberry Jus.


As soon as you walked in that we were blown away by the sophisticated charm and ambience of the restaurant.


To finish off our meal, we had their famous bananas foster!🍌🍨 Which is prepared flambéed at tableside! We have to mention that if you are in the mood for this mouth watering treat, they require a 2 order minimum for each table. Honestly, nothing beats warm caramalized bananas on top of vanilla ice cream! Literally perfect!😋

We definitely recommend coming and checking out this restaurant. It is fine dining but their Bananas Foster is totally worth the price and the wait, along with their table side service and southern hospitality! It’s truly a classic and a MUST in New Orleans! If you are in the French Quarter it’s not hard to miss because the restaurant is located in a gorgeous pink building right in the heart of Royal Street!

If you want to see a closer look at how they make their bananas foster tableside 🍌🔥 , check out our YouTube video below!👇🏼



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