All Aboard Steamboat Natchez!

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📸: @sprphotography

It’s time to roll down the Mississippi River aboard Steamboat Natchez! ⚓️


📍Steamboat Natchez

600 Decatur Street, New Orleans, LA, 70130

As you may have noticed from our last few posts, there are so many things to do and see that gave us the quintessential New Orleans experience! And there’s nothing more iconic that symbolizes Nola’s rich history other than a Steamboat on the Mighty Mississippi River!🚢


📸: @sprphotography

During our recent trip to the Big Easy, we had decided to take a daytime Jazz Cruise on Steamboat Natchez, one of the last authentic Steamboats in operation.

We booked our reservations easily on their main website. 👉🏼

They offer a few options as far as tickets!

1. Harbor Jazz Sightseeing Cruise- $34

2. Harbor Jazz Sightseeing Cruise w/ LUNCH- $46

And this cruise happens 2 times a day (Monday-Saturday)! 11:30am or 2:30pm

We decided to do the Harbor Jazz Sightseeing Cruise!


Each cruise starts and ends at the Lighthouse Ticket office, which is where you pick up your tickets.🎟 We parked our car in the paid parking area, which is right in front of the Jackson Brewery. Before we got there we weren’t really sure where to park for the cruise, so that was really convenient! It was $15 for 3 hours which covered our cruise ride with plenty of time to spare.

🌟Tip: The best way to spot the closest parking area is to look for a Cafe Beignet restaurant at the corner!

Our sightseeing cruise started at 11:30am and ended at 1:30pm, we highly recommend booking online because, even though we had our cruise on a Thursday, it was pretty packed with students from school field trips and other tourists.


📸 Cute photo op right before you get onto the boat!


🌟Tip: Arrive early to the cruise if you want a seat in the shade. We were right on time and all of the shaded seats were taken already because its super hot and humid in New Orleans!😅

Steamboat Natchez has three tiers, but as soon as we boarded, we headed to the top and hit the Texas bar from some cocktails!

📸: @sprphotography




📸: @sprphotography

🌟Tip: Arrive early to grab a seat near the frontside of the boat if you want to follow along the with story told over the loud speakers about the history and industrialization during the cruise!


On the 2nd level is where you can find the buffet, indoor seating, and take a seat to listen to the traditional live jazz band!🎷 🎶




During lunch they served food that is authentic to the city such as Jambalaya, Red Beans & Rice and their delicious white chocolate Bread Pudding soufflé!





Taking a ride on Steamboat Natchez was such a great experience to not only learn about New Orleans history, but to see amazing panoramic views of the city and cruise down the Mississippi River! 😍

📸: @sprphotography

We had so much fun and even stayed around a bit longer to listen to the calliope, a super loud musical instrument that produces sound by steam or gas that was played on top of the steamboat! The calliope concert happens twice a day at 10:45am and 1:45pm! 🎶

Check out our Youtube video below 👇🏼



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