A Taste of The South at Atlanta Food & Wine Festival!

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We were so excited to be invited to the Atlanta Food and Wine Festival this year, located at Piedmont Park in Midtown! This event goes on for three days during the weekend, Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. We attended on their last day (Sunday, June 3rd).
More info on their website: https://atlfoodandwinefestival.com

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At the Atlanta Food and Wine Festival, we were able to take a trip through the South by trying different food and drinks from the region!

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So as soon as we entered the tasting tents, we were given two wine glasses with chips. The glasses for the tastings and then the chips were for voting for your favorite bite! Each vendor had their own voting box, and the vendor with the most wins best of the year!

Last year, the winners were lead by Kirby at the Rustic Table in South Carolina for their delicious shrimp and grits! We’re not big shrimp and grits fans but it was pretty darn tasty! We might even go to South Carolina ourselves to get some more! (@kirby217)

For our first drink of the day we stopped by the Titos vodka tent and grabbed a refreshing Strawberry Fields cocktail! 🍹 (@Titosvodka)

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As you guys may know we live in Atlanta Georgia, so of course we want to spotlight all the traditions and all of the delicious new places that are coming up here! #knowthesouth We met so many innovative chefs and vendors that gave us wonderful stories about their company. One company that we meet called Hattie B’s Hot Chicken, originally from Nashville, is coming to Little 5 points! (@Hattiebs)

Another great founder that we met is Melanie with Golda Kombucha. If you’ve never had this probiotic drink before, you definitely should try it because it’s filled with vitamins and will help boost the body’s immune system, and tastes great! She showcased a couple yummy flavors of their kombucha; lavender lemonade and peach ginger! She also told us that they have a kombucha bar in Atlanta on the beltline, that we can’t wait to check out! Who wouldn’t want to try Kombucha on tap?! (@goldakombucha)

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It seemed like the most exclusive tent is sponsored by Delta Sky Miles Miles Club. The tent looked small but it’s the only place with air conditioning! But you needed a delta sky miles to get in, darn! lol

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Every tent was decorated so nicely with so many fun props and photo ops!📸

The most innovated and unique device we saw was at the Hendrick’s Gin tent, where a bartender dressed in moss made the perfect chilled Negroni, a slightly sweet italian cocktail with an orange flavor, by pulling levers that poured the liquors into an ice bowl! It was so cool!

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We can’t wait to come back next year and we really enjoyed all that the Food and Wine Festival has to offer! It really gives us a great connection to all of the new restaurants and food places throughout Atlanta. We’re so happy that we were able to receive an invitation this year! Thank you AFWF!

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This was definitely a delicious event and we’re so excited to be able to share this with you! Check out our YouTube video to get a more in-depth look on what it’s like at the Atlanta Food & Wine Festival! 🍷🍤


Check out our youtube video 👇

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