We Rode the World’s Tallest Swing Ride!

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📍IDRIVE Orlando

8401 International Dr #100, Orlando, FL 32819

🖥 http://www.idriveorlando.com

If you’re looking for some fun things to do while visiting Orlando, than IDRIVE Orlando is the place for you!! IDRIVE Orlando is right in the middle of Orlando’s International Drive. It has the coolest attractions, restaurants, nightlife, hotels and more!


It has a central courtyard with fountains. It’s so pretty to walk around and watch the water displays.🌴⛲️

🌟Tip: They have a FREE parking deck!


The Orlando Starflyer

Orlando’s newest attraction, the Orlando Starflyer, just opened up on June 1st, 2018! It’s the world’s tallest swing ride standing at 450ft tall, and it goes 60 mph! 😱💨 You know we love a good adventure so we had to ride it!


When you arrive you can buy your tickets in the office, right in front of the Starflyer. One ride on the Starflyer is only $12.21! Not bad at all. And if you decide you want to ride it more than once (in the same day) they charge a discounted price of just $7.51. 👍🏼 The office was small but they had some cool pictures and things framed to look at. They even had the original sketch of the Starflyer hanging up, apparently it was designed in 2007. It’s crazy how long an idea can actually take to come to life!

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We got there as soon as they opened so we were able to ride it all by ourselves! Not gonna lie, we were pretty nervous. As soon as we started rising up in the air Kristina started screaming, we were SO high up! It went pretty fast at points and Kristina was so scared she started crying and her eyelashes flew off 🤣. She couldn’t even open her eyes to see the amazing views of all of Orlando. You could see downtown, the Volcano from Volcano Bay, pretty much everything up there!

But we survived the Starflyer and it was so awesome that we had to do it twice! And we’re so happy we did it again, so this time Kristina could actually see the amazing views!!😍
Definitely one of the craziest, funnest, things we’ve done! Totally worth the $12. 😛


ICON Orlando 360 🎡

If you’re looking to do something a little less thrilling, another must-see attraction at IDRIVE is the ICON Orlando 360. Formerly known as the Coca-Cola Orlando Eye. They just recently changed the name over to the ICON.

🖥 https://iconorlando.com/

The ICON is the biggest and tallest observation wheel on the East Coast! 🎡 It’s 400 ft tall, and yet another way to see the amazing views of the city of Orlando. All the capsules are air-conditioned, which is great for the humid Florida weather. And it takes about 20mins to go around. Plenty of time to enjoy the views and snap some pics! 📸

Tickets & Info:

– It’s $26 for adults, $21 for children.

– If you buy your tickets online you can save 10% per person.

– If you buy them online, you can add a ticket to ride the Starflyer for just $10 more!

– Tickets are general admission and do not include any beverages, but they do offer a”Champagne Experience”for $35 which includes one ticket to ride and a glass of champagne to toast at the top! 🥂

– If you’re going to ride at Sunset, it’s a popular time so be sure to arrive early

– They also offer an “All Day Pass” for $38, so you can ride it as many times as you want that day!

IDRIVE Orlando is the ultimate fun stop so be sure to check it out if you’re in Orlando! ☀️

Check out our video on the Starflyer! 😱🌟👇🏼



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