Peach Picking at Jaemor Farms

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Georgia is known as the Peach State and after living in the South for a while, Nikki ( 2 years) Kristina (10+ years), we’ve never been peach picking! Luckily, we saw online that Jaemor Farms was having their 5th Annual U-Pick Peach event this past weekend, and we just had to go! We both had childhood memories of going apple picking so we were excited to check out the farm!



📍: 5340 Cornelia Hwy

Alto, GA 30510


📱: @jaemorfarms

Jaemor farms is about an hour north of Atlanta, located right off the highway and you can see the sign from the road. It’s a huge farmers market that’s filled with local goods. We thought the inside of the store was super charming, and it was filled with all kinds of items from fresh produce like GIANT sweet potatoes, homemade baked goods, to jars of jams, jellies, sauces, pickles, relishes; basically anything you can think of, and of course their Georgia peaches!🍑

Jaemor Farms back in 1981!




They even had cute wicker baskets hanging from the ceiling that added to the charm!😍

They also make fruit baskets and gift boxes year-round that make for the perfect gift!🎁

We even got to sample a few different peach flavored treats! We tried their peach cake, peach jam, and peach salsa. The peach salsa was our favorite! It was so good that we had to take a jar home with us. 😋 The store also sold other things like soaps, home goods, homemade vases and little trinkets too.


The best part of the store was to the far left where they have their little pies and ice cream shop. Of course, we had to try their homemade peach ice cream and dried peach pie, which is a staple of the South! They also had other flavors like Apple, Cherry, Blueberry and Strawberry. We wish we could’ve tried them all!


After checking out the store, we headed over to the ‘shed’ to go pick our own peaches, where we took a big green tractor out to their orchard! The price options were $18/peck or $30/half bushel.






We can’t believe how many peaches we took home! Jaemor farms harvests a large variety of peaches, but this time of year we were able to pick Sunprince peaches and Georgia Belle peaches!

The Sunprince peaches are firm and yellow and we were told that they are great for cooking, while the Georgia Belle peaches are soft, juicy and have a white inside. They also grow their own blackberries, apples, grapes, pumpkins and more on the farm!


Soon they’ll be setting up for their fall festivities, so we’ll definitely be back for the pumpkin patches!🎃🍂 Until then we can’t wait to take a bite into our fresh sweet Georgia peaches!




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