Best Restaurant With a View at Lago in Las Vegas

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Las Vegas is the land of everything luxurious and exquisite, so of course, whenever we visit Sin City we want to spoil ourselves in every way possible. Not only do we want be at the best hotels or best nightclubs, but dine at best restaurants and eat the best food! 🎲

Although the Las Vegas Strip is only 4.2 miles long there are just so many things to do, see, and eat. Every time we plan a trip to visit Vegas we barely even make a dent in our bucket list! During this trip, we were able to cross a big one off the list, which was to have dinner at Lago! Lago is a high-end Italian restaurant by award-winning Chef Julian Serrano and is located inside of the Bellagio Hotel and Casino.

📍: 3600 S Las Vegas Blvd, Las Vegas, NV 89109

☎: +1 (888) 987-6667

🖥 Menu:

The best way to locate it is by following the signs in Bellagio that say “Hyde Nightclub”, because it’s right next door!

To ensure that we were going to get the best table, we called in for dinner reservations ahead of time. Right away they told us that they couldn’t guarantee a table next to the floor-to-ceiling windows; that gives an amazing view of the Las Vegas Strip including: the Eiffel Tower of the Paris hotel, Planet Hollywood, and of course the infamous Fountains of the Bellagio. The Bellagio Fountains are the centerpiece of the Strip and they’re choreographed to music!

We knew that we wanted to go a little bit before sunset so we decided to make a reservation either way. But upon our arrival, the host was very accommodating and told us that if we waited a bit longer to sit they could see if a table would open up.


While we waited for table to open up, we decided to have a couple cocktails at the bar! Kristina decided to go for something a little sweet, so she got the smoked peach margarita with a Hawaiian black lava salt rim which was super refreshing! And Nikki got a 100% Pinot Noir Rose! 🥂💕

We just so happened to sit next to a couple of liquor brand reps that were so nice and bought us shots of the Gran Patrón Burdeos! The patron itself was very delicious and definitely the smoothest tequila that we’ve ever tried!! A regular shot of the Gran Patrón Burdeos can cost around $100 or so, just for a shot! 😱 And we were unaware that you’re supposed to sip on it slowly, so we accidentally downed them lol! Whoops. 🤷🏼‍♀️😂


In less than 30 minutes our hostess showed us to our table, which was right in front of the windows with a breathtaking view of The Strip. We couldn’t have been any happier!!😍

Pictured: Polpa De Granchio E Farro & Hamachi

As soon as our server came he suggested options for the first course. Lago’s concept is modern Italian and they have a small plate approach, which is perfect for one person (or to share if you get multiple things). It was kind of like tapas style, so we decided to share the Hamachi, a fresh raw seafood dish, and a delicious salad with quinoa, greens and crabmeat called the Polpa De Granchio E Farro. They were both sooo good!


For our main course Nikki ordered the pistachio crusted salmon with sautéed asparagus and roasted potatoes, and Kristina had the Bucatini Al Frutti Di Mare (aka seafood pasta) that came in a light tomato sauce with clams, lobster, scallops, and shrimp. The Bucatini was just average, but the rosemary potatoes were amazing!

Although we ordered mainly seafood, the menu itself has a lot of different options. Sadly, we were running late (per usual) and didn’t have enough time to enjoy any of their fabulous desserts. Next time!


Fountains of Bellagio at night 😍

The Fountains of Bellagio show goes off every 30 minutes until 8pm, after that it’s every 15 minutes until midnight. We’re so happy we set our reservation an hour or so before sunset, because not only did we get a gorgeous view of the sky changing colors but we also got to see the nearby resorts, the fountain show, and the Eiffel Tower light up the strip!🤩


Of course with Vegas prices, a very elegant setting, and an incredible view, Lago is on the the pricier side. We spent a little more than a hundred each, with a couple drinks and two courses. *Just giving some honesty and a heads up!

What makes this restaurant worth a visit is definitely the up close view of the famous dancing water fountain show! The restaurant itself does have a very modern yet romantic vibe that we think will make anyone feel indulged in luxury. It’s honestly a dining experience that we will never forget! Lago is definitely the best restaurant to visit on any girls trip to Sin City and get the best views of Las Vegas and the strip’s biggest attractions!


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