Fly SlotZilla at Fremont Street Experience!

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Las Vegas is one of the most exciting tourist destinations in the world! For most people that travel to Sin City ‘The Strip’ is the main attraction, but this time we decided to venture off the strip and visit downtown Las Vegas, also known as Fremont Street! To get the best Fremont Street experience we had to take a ride on SlotZilla, a slot machine inspired zip line attraction! 🎰

📍: 425 Fremont St #160, Las Vegas, NV 89101


☎️: (702) 678-5780



The beginning of the zip-line shoots you right out of this giant slot machine!


SlotZilla is an exciting zip line thrill attraction at Fremont Street Experience. Offering views of downtown Las Vegas as you’ve never seen it before! This thrill ride offers two different levels, the lower which is the ‘zipline’, or the upper ‘zoomline’.


Zipline $25

Zoomline $45 ($49 on Friday and Saturday)

The zip line (lower level) is 7 stories up, and you fly in a normal sitting zip line position. But we decided to go big or go home lol, so we rode the zoomline (upper level)! It’s about 11 stories high (114 feet tall), and what makes the zoomline such a unique experience is that you fly “superman style” over Fremont Street! It seriously isn’t like any other zip line experience!

We chose to go around 8pm because we wanted to get the full experience and see all of the beautiful Vegas lights at night! And although we were a little late for our reservation, they honored our tickets up to an hour or so. Don’t be like us, show up on time! Lol

We didn’t have to wait in line very long. Not gonna lie, we were pretty nervous at first while we were waiting for the doors to drop open and let us go, especially since we’ve never zip-lined superman style before! It takes a few minutes for them to get everyone situated so the anticipation was really building up.


This is how they set you up to fly “superman style”.💨 And when it’s time to go the doors in front of you just drop open, giving you an incredible, yet scary, view from high above Fremont street!🤩 It was pretty frightening but exciting at the same time watching the people ahead of us kind of descend down into the packed Friday night crowd.


🌟Tip: The zoomline tickets get booked super fast, especially on the weekend. So book your tickets in advance online if you want to ride the upper level!


Flying out of a giant slot machine over the massive Friday night crowd on Fremont Street might be our new favorite thing to do in Vegas!


There are plenty of options for photos, they have their own photographer which takes photos of you during your flight (pictured above), and they even offer a package where you can purchase video footage of your ride! SlotZilla provides you with a GoPro, you can’t bring your own if you have one. You have to rent one of theirs which they attach right to your helmet. It costs around $40 and you get to take home a memory card with your video, along with any photos taken from their on-site photographer. At first, we wished that we could have brought our own GoPro to film everything we wanted (and not have to pay the $40), but the way they had it set up made it really easy and enjoyable!

If you want to add the GoPro package unfortunately you can’t book that in advance when you book your ticket. It’s first come first serve, and it has to be done on-site.


Even though it was super crazy it was really exciting flying over so many people looking up at us zoom by, and seeing all of the lights and LED tv’s flashing. We felt like we were on stage or something, it was such a thrilling experience! We even flew over a free concert!! This was definitely one of the coolest things we’ve ever done and we’d totally do it all over again! This should be on everyone’s Vegas bucket list! 🤩🎰✔️

Check out our SlotZilla flight on YouTube!👇🏼



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