Bucketlist Destination: Horseshoe Bend & Antelope Canyon

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Horseshoe Bend


A major one checked off the bucket list!✔️



The Horseshoe bend is a truly rare beauty in America, it’s a little sliver right off the Colorado River and is easy to get to with a small hiking trail. It’s only .75 miles to the overlook, making it accessible to all hiking skill levels! The short hike leads you up to a cliff overlooking the Horseshoe Bend and the Colorado river 1100 down below. It’s crazy to think that this was created by Mother Nature herself!

It’s so important to be extremely cautious because there’s zero fencing and no guards so you could easily fall in! It’s actually insane and really scary. We saw a couple of tourists really risk it doing crazy things when we were there!

Good to know: The Horseshoe Bend is so much bigger in person than it looks in photos! It’s surreal! Because it’s so big it’s really hard to get the whole thing in your photo. So it’s important to keep in mind to take a fish-eyed lens, that’s the easiest way to get everything in the shot.

Antelope Canyon


📍Lake Powell Navajo Tribal Park, LeChee, Az

(2.5 miles east of Page, AZ 86040)


The Antelope Canyons are the most photographed slot canyons in Northern Arizona! There is two, the Upper Antelope Canyon and the Lower. The Upper is the most popular one and tours sell out quickly so we weren’t able to see that one while we were out there. But we did get in to see the Lower which was still amazingly beautiful!

🌟 You can easily visit the Horseshoe Bend and Antelope Canyons in the same day, they’re super close to each other. And if we had known we were so close to the Grand Canyon we would have done that too! It’s only 1hr away!

In order to explore the Upper or Lower Antelope Canyon, a guided tour is required and we decided to take Ken’s Tours. A General Tour (which is what we took) is $50 a person. They do offer a Deluxe Tour as well for $80 a person, which is designed to give you a more personal experience with less people in your tour group. But if you’re there to take photos (like us) we wouldn’t recommend either of these tours. It was very crowded, and we felt very rushed. Even besides not being able to take a lot of photos, we felt like we didn’t get that much time to see the Antelope Canyon. If you’re there for the photos and don’t want to be rushed through the experience, we recommend taking a Photo Tour instead.

We found one here which we plan on taking next time we make it out there! The Photo Tour is a little pricier, it’s $151/person, but would be worth it if photos are what you’re there for. It’s a much longer tour than what we took, tripods are allowed and they even help you get the photos you want by suggesting special angles, etc. Overall it seems more lenient.

Even though we didn’t get the experience we wanted, we still had a great time exploring the Lower Antelope Canyon. The tour does require a lot of easy paced walking with some stair climbing, so make sure to wear your sneakers! 👟


Also called the “Spiral Rock Arches”, the lower antelope canyons are full of different shapes and textures created by water and wind over millions of years. While we were there, we were able to see different shapes. And the shafts of light beaming in through the canyon are simply stunning!


Did you know that Britney Spears filmed her, “I’m Not A girl, Not Yet A Women” music video in the Lower Antelope Canyons? Seriously, go YouTube the video and see for yourself. 😍


The Lower Antelope Canyon was so beautiful no matter where you’re looking, and we still can’t believe we got to see the Horseshoe Bend in person it was epic! If you plan on visiting near Page, Arizona you definitely have to check out both of these natural wonders! What’s on your bucket list?


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