A Walk Through Wormsloe Historic Site

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Savannah, GA is known for their rich history, beautiful architecture, and many of their iconic landmarks. One of the most photographed places is Wormsloe Historic Site, just about 20 mins from Savannah’s Historic District. It’s basically a photographer’s paradise!

Wormsloe Historic Site
📍7601 Skidaway Rd, Savannah, GA 31406

Hours: Everyday 9am – 5pm


This beautiful arched entrance is the start to Oak Avenue. There is a parking area right behind it, or you can drive your car through. Apparently, there is a small cottage right on the other side of this arch where you can purchase admission passes. We didn’t realize this until after we were already inside. Whoops!

Admission Costs:

  • Adults $10
  • Kids (ages 6-17) $4.50
  • Children (ages 1-5) $2
  • Seniors (ages 62+) $9



As soon as you enter, you’re greeted by a never-ending tunnel of live oak trees that are dripping in beautiful Spanish moss. This scenic tunnel spans 1.5 miles long, making it the longest live oak-covered road in the world! The oak trees have an overlapping effect that make it so picturesque! 😍 And it has been featured in many films such as Nicholas Sparks’ The Last Song with Miley Cyrus, The General’s Daughter, and Magic Mike XXL.



Wormsloe Historic Site was once known as Wormsloe Plantation and was home to Noble Jones (1701-1775), one of Savannah’s earliest settlers. The original home, now called the Tabby Ruins, is thought to be the oldest standing site in Savannah! Jones was buried in Wormsloe, along with his wife and son. You can visit the gravesite of his family during your visit. Today, Noble Jones’ remains have been moved but his wife and son are still there.


When we looked this up before visiting Savannah we had no idea that there was more to this historic site, not only can you drive your car down Oak Avenue but there are also hiking trails! If you really want to be engulfed in nature, you can hike the Battery Trail, which is about a 3 mile hike. This trail leads you through a beautiful coastal forest where you can learn about Wormsloe’s Civil War history along the way. The hike eventually leads to the Tabby Ruins!

Several paths lead out to the waters of the Isle of Hope, where there are breaks in the trees and even docks to venture out on to get a great view. They also have designated picnic areas and offer guided tours.


We stopped by their Visitor Center which has a gift shop, small museum, and a theater room. The museum shares some history about the beginnings of Georgia, and you can also watch a short film about it in the their theater room.


They also have a small barrel of costumes from the colonial time period to dress up and try on. So of course, we had to!😛


This is definitely one of the things you can’t miss while visiting Savannah, especially if you’re a photographer, a nature lover, or just doing it for the ‘gram! With the nature trails and historic areas you could easily spend a whole afternoon here. Now that we know there is more to Wormsloe than the majestic Oak Avenue, we will certainly be back to explore more!



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