How to Install Lightroom Mobile Presets

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Instagram is more than just post and click, it’s about sharing experiences! This blog post is going to teach you how to install your new #TrippingPresets into the Lightroom Mobile app easily, so that you can get that goals worthy Instagram feed you’ve been dreaming of!😍

First you’re going to have to download the Lightroom mobile app (available for Android and iOS) to your phone. It’s free!

🌟 If you already have the Desktop version of Lightroom you can simply sync your presets between Lightroom Desktop and Mobile! To download Lightroom Desktop version click here ($9.99/month).

Most mobile presets (including mine) will come as a DNG file that you can download directly to your phone. Once you’ve bought the preset, my website will take you to the order confirmation page with the downloadable (DNG) file. Click on where it says the preset name under the download section in the shaded box (in this case it’s Summer Forever), and you should get a pop-up with the option to Download, click that.

The file should automatically save to your phone after you clicked on that ( you won’t necessarily get verification but it should be downloaded to your phone). **If you purchase my Endless Summer Collection Preset Pack you’ll get all 3 of my presets, so there will be 3 separate downloads (shown in the 3rd photo below).

🌟 If you have trouble downloading the DNG file to your phone you can also use an app called iZip to unzip the file! Or if you have a subscription to Lightroom Desktop version you can download the file on your laptop, save the preset there, and sync it to your Lightroom Mobile. And once synced, the preset should be there automatically!

So now that you have the DNG files saved to your phone, next you’re going to import the preset files into Lightroom. Open your Lightroom app and click Create an Album, then name the album, and click OK.

You should now see it appear under Albums. Next, click the three little dots on the right hand side and click on Add Photos. From here you have two options:

  1. Click on From All Photos and select the DNG files from your camera roll.
  2. If you don’t see the DNG files in your photos, click on From Files and and select the one that matches the preset DNG file that you downloaded, it should read exactly the same. **Example: Preset1.dng (4MB).**

Click on the album containing your newly imported DNG files and you should see the preset appear. Then go ahead and open the DNG file (you should see the photo and it should say “DNG” in the upper right hand corner).

Click on the three dots in the upper right hand corner, then click on Create Preset and name the new preset. You can also choose a group to put it in (this helps organize if you have a bunch of different ones!). I put mine under Tripping Presets and named it Summer Forever so I know which one it is when I go to edit my photos later.

The checkboxes below determine which picture settings you’d like to save with this preset. I always check them all except for Tools, Optics, and Geometry. I find those unnecessary because they vary from picture to picture. Only the settings that you have checked will be applied when you’re editing with this preset in the future.

After you have named your preset just click the check mark in the top right hand corner and you should get a pop-up notification that your preset has been saved!

Now that you’ve saved the preset, back out of the page by clicking the arrow at the top left corner, go to your camera roll and select a photo to edit!

Once you’ve selected a photo, scroll at the bottom until you see the Presets icon and click on it. You should see your preset group (Tripping Presets or if you saved it under User Presets group click that), tap on the preset, and click the checkmark icon at the bottom to apply it to your photo!

From here you can further edit the photo by adjusting the settings until you get your desired look. Then to export the photo click on the arrow at the top (it should be the third icon in from the right) and click on Export to Camera Roll.

And your edited photo should now be saved to your phone!

You can repeat these steps for any other presets that you may want to save. And good news is once you save the preset it’s there for good (unless you delete it) so you only have to go through this process once!👏🏼😅

Now you know how to install and use your new Lightroom presets!🤩 I hope this blog post is helpful and if you have any questions or have trouble downloading please leave a comment below!💕

If you haven’t yet, check out my custom presets here!

**I will also be making a video tutorial on how to install the presets, so be sure to look out for that coming soon to my YouTube channel!**

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