Cozy Boho Balcony Transformation on a Budget!

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I’m so excited to share with you guys a little home project that I’ve been working on, my small balcony makeover!

I love being outdoors as much as possible so my balcony space is super important to me, it’s basically like an addition to my apartment. I drink my coffee out there, I read out there, sometimes I workout out there, I love to watch the sunset out there… I hang out out there all the time. It’s like another room! So I decided to give my balcony a little makeover!

When picking out decor I decided to go with the boho look, adding lots of natural elements like wood and rattan furniture, plants, and macrame decor. One thing I knew I wanted for sure was the Papasan chair from Pier 1. If you don’t have one you need one asap, they’re seriously the comfiest chairs ever!😍 I’ve linked some similar chairs that are a little more budget friendly below. And I got so lucky that HomeGoods had the perfect coffee table to go with my bohemian vibes! I’m obsessed!🌿🤩👏🏼

If you’re going for that boho vibe then you definitely need some type of tapestry to hang on your wall! You can shop the one I bought here. My candle and hourglass are both from HomeGoods, they usually always have them at the store but I also found one here that comes in a ton of different colors. And the lanterns that I bought are from World Market but they’re currently sold out so here are some similar options that I found below! The candles in my lanterns are battery-operated LED candles that I found at Target. They come in all different sizes, and the thing that I love about them the most is that you can set them to go off at a certain time every day so that you never have to turn them on yourself (I believe they stay on for about 5hrs). Genius!

Plants are one of my favorite additions when decorating a new space! They just give the space such a fresh feeling. Succulents or tropical, real or fake, the more the better in my opinion!🌿🌴✨

To make my balcony feel extra cozy I decided to hang up some sheer white curtains across my two big windows. I used a tension rod so that I wouldn’t have to drill and make holes (they’re renter/apartment friendly curtain rods) and I also hung some string lights for the ambiance. The tension rods are definitely a great option if you live in an apartment like me. However, they were very hard to put up by myself so I would definitely recommend having a friend come over to help you! I’m so glad I thought of adding the curtains, I don’t think it would be the same without them!

I’m so happy with how it came out and that I finally transformed my empty balcony into a beautiful, functional outdoor bohemian oasis!🤍🌿✨ Linked below are a few more bohemian items that I love! I hope this post inspires you to give your backyard, patio, rooftop, or balcony space an extreme makeover!✨

Check out our YouTube video below to see my small balcony transformation!🤍🌿👇🏼 

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